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Music is life and life is music.
My life is music and music is my life.
When I get up, I hear music.
When I go to bed, I hear music.

I can’t function without music.
I get inspired by music.
I actually have a feeling that I can understand things better with music.
Music is emotion.

Music isn’t only about words.
When there are no words, there is music.
When there is no music, there aren’t any words.
Music helps you through.

I can’t describe music.
It’s something you have to feel.
Something you have to discover.
Music can make you fall in love.

Your tears will come with music.
Your tears will disappear with music.
Emotions are led by music.
Music is made with emotion.

Dance with music.
Sing with music.
Play with music.
Love with music.

Music is loved and to be loved.



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AfbeeldingWhen I wake up in the morning, I think about the dreams that I’ve had the night before. It is not very interesting to share all my dreams with you all. But I say this, because with my title I don’t mean the dreams that you have at night. I’m talking about the dreams that you have in your mind. Things you want to achieve. Things you do think you can do (with a little help or without it).

Yes. I am the person with that kind of dreams. There are a lot of things I want to achieve in life. And maybe you don’t want to know about my dreams, but then you’ll have to stop with reading my story, because than it isn’t very interesting for you. For people who do want to know, please continue reading =).

When I was young I was absolutely sure that I wanted to be a teacher. After a couple of years, I was certain that I wanted to study English, because I thought it was an interesting language. After some more years, I began to think about what I really wanted to do with my life. And suddenly I knew it. I wanted to study music. And that is something I still want to do. I want to study at a music academy somewhere in the Netherlands. This is my biggest dream. To get in at a music academy, you have to do an audition and the people who will decide if you get in or not, are very strict. It is very difficult to go through the audition. That’s why this is my dream and I don’t know if I will achieve this. But because it is something I really want to do, I think I will succeed at it. 

I think it’s important to have dreams, because then you have something to fight for. And you have a goal in life. When you achieve your dream, at that moment, you are the happiest person on earth. 

So people start dreaming, because it will do you no harm =).

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